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Saturday, August 19, 2006 

Philippine Poker Blogger Invitational

So what do you guys think? I think there's now enough of us to have a nice little get-together/ poker tournament and get everyone to know each other better. I believe most of us already have spent a considerable amount of time playing with and against each other, but there are also quite a number of new blogger and online players that we havent really personally met, and what better way to do that than a nice little MTT for poker bloggers and online players.

I'd like to get some feedback from everyone about all the important details we need to consider. When it comes to the physical set up and equipment, no need to worry about that as we have the resources available to have at least a 4-table gig. Things like the venue, the buy-in, time and date, etc. ae all important so that we can accomodate everybody.

I suggest an invitational tournament, and only those qualified or invited can play. Of course, anyone with a poker blog can join (as the name states) and i'm sure we can also consider the regulars at the Pokermanila forums.


- 500+100 buy-in. (for this part, we can have a consensus and have a figure everyone is comfortable with)
- 4-5 tables max.
- Food and Booze contributions from everybody.
- Freezout NLHE. No rebuy or add-on. We use our skylounge tourny structure.
- Let's make it a party!

Feel free to add or suggest anything that might be helpful. I'm guessing we can put this together by about one month from now? And just to make things easy, let's have a headcount here in the blog. Just post your comment and confirm if you want to join so we can have an idea as to how many will play.

I'm in! That's one seat... 39 to go?

See you at the felt.

Arghhhh 2 months from now!

Hehehe am all for it but am in the US till mid Oct.

For those who also want an ONLINE tourney we can set up something in FTP hehehe

Game ako... subject to scheduling of course... Sagot ata ni Gamefrog yun booze, he's donating $1000 of his winnings... hehe... As for everyone not knowing each other I have a feeling we've probably played each other already or seen each other before in the casino or some other poker lounge...

Gamefrog, mahirap ata mag setup ng online tourney sa FTP. I heard it's by request only and mostly for VIP's. Have you tried it na ?

Hmmm I think you're right 11finger. Darn. Howell someone post on their blogs how it went and hopefully it can become a regular thing.

we can wait for gamefrog so he can double the pot LOL!

i dunno yet, we'll see what happens in the next few days.

Maverick, if this thing pushes thru are you going to share that raffle strategy ? ;)

we can do it on FBAPoker - its on the pokerroom network. Give me a couple of days and see if I can make it a freeroll for you guys. Otherwise, Mav, I'm in for a live tourney...

and finger, the raffle strat's not mav's to give lol...

im in for the live tourney. I think thats more fun and easier to setup. one month from now sounds good. im not familiar, however, with the skylounge structure that was mentioned. can anyone fill me in?

Yup freeroll on the Pokerroom network would be nice. They have a very good private tourney configurator and open to all members. I assume we can play thru the other skins even if the private tourney is located FBAPoker ?

NickG, oh yeah it's your thing nga pala. Well maybe you can make it the top prize sa freeroll hehe

SuitedPairs, been reading your blog. You play a lot at ACF ? I probably know you at least by face, played there a bit before (not much now though)...

11Finger, nice to know some of the local poker community is reading my blog. I play alot of ring and tourney games at the ACF. Have not been doin well at the tourneys though. Just noticed your blog now. Will start reading it as well. Seems like you play alot of online games with real cash. Havent quite made that transition yet. What software and what payment/withrawal scheme do you use? Thanks!

Yup, it's not mine to share hehe. Yeah maybe it can be divulged to the winner of the tournament. LOL!

Why not have a live AND online one? The live one will be easier to set up though.

Skylounge has a nice tourny structure with 5K stacks starting at 50-100, in slow increments, unlike the turbo types used by most. The blinds are capped at 2500-5000 so heads up is more enjoyable and not an all-in fest.

Ok din yung Online but it defeats the main purpose of getting together and having a party! hehe.

can online players using PLAY MONEY join? hehe

Suited, am using ePassporte but you may want to ask NickG about Click2Pay it's very similar to ePassporte...

Mav, yeah let's have both. Maybe even make the online one weekly or bi-weekly... It would be nice though to have a live tourney and yeah SkyLounge structure would be nice...

UUUUYYYY... Ngayon ko lang nabasa to ha... Well I'm in for both online and live play just set it up.. I've never played any big live games mostly online and with freeroll money so I hope the buy in isn't too big. I haven't gone to the ACF tourneys so getting a chance to meet all of you would be great. Basta me booze am in lol.

Nice to hear from you Pepe. Dude yung Poker Manila is too hard to navigate to. I know you put in a lot of work but any chance of making it more readdable?

Nickg - You gotta help me man! 6 years running and I havent won a fruit basket in our corporate giveaways! Top prize is usually a free trip to the US. O dba makaka vegas pako

Mav - Go ahead with the live games. Hope it becomes regular

Suited - Play live as well and we can meet up

Bah legible.... not readdable. I think I invented a word. I have that habit everytime I wake up... (sexual connotational?? hahahaha)

For the live games, we can have it at my place. We can accommodate about 4 tables here. Mav, just tell me when you want the first one to run and we can get it going

It's going to be like the comic book convention in the states. hahahahah. Full of poker geeks!!! yuck!!! but i'll be there. hahahahhahaha

Hey Tito nick whats happening? long time no see

nick, i was about to suggest that. Great! Ok , that's half the battle, so we all just have to agree on the tournament details, buy-in, and time/date.

Don't forget to let me know. I am game just as long as I get to know about it in advance. Thanks.


readable IS a word hehe. Legible is only applicable to handwriting, meaning if you cant understand the writing itself, it is illegible.

Readable means you can read it easily or pleasurably. IF it is NOT readable, it means it was badly formatted or just plain badly written.


Bah wrong spelling then I said readdable hehehe.

Amp!! Hmph fine am going to lunch. I hope I find something eatable.



Gamefrog.. Are you talking about the new site now? Cause the first one I made was really confusing but I changed it again. All the RSS Feeds in the front page are collapsable when your a member so all you have to do is close all the feeds you don't need. Palagay ulit ng RSS Feed mo Frog I lost it.

Call ako diyan, even 5xBB. Just to give a bad beat!! Hehe

BBS of the week - AA taken down by 5-3. 25-50 blinds, I raise 3xBB and got reraised to 6xBB, I call. flop comes Q-4-3. He goes all-in for about 800, I call. Turn and river 6-2, made to order BBS.

Mav - May nag-request eh, sila dirty ice cream and shine. I just had to oblige. Hehe


Marco!! How are you bro? Keep posting on your bad beat blog hehehe. And drop by my blog sometime.

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