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Monday, November 06, 2006 

Let's Get It On!

It's been a while sine i last posted something that wasnt 2 sentences long hehe. Mostly due to me getting quite busy with work and also because my biological clock got screwed big time and became NORMAL! I have been sleeping around 10-11pm and waking up at 6-7am! It's torture for someone who works in poker, given the ungodly hours our players play.

So what's been happening? Well, for one there's that Pan-Asia Poker Tour that had a good run this past weekend, getting around 60 players for their $500 buy-in MTT and about 40 for their $2,500 MTT! Wow, who woulda thought it would get that kind of reception? They hardly marketed it and had barely a month before they came here. A good friend of ours Alan E. managed to get ITM in the main event at 6th place too, getting him about just under $4,000! Nice game bro! Mind you, this was a game with the likes of Noli Fransisco playing. I can only imagine how much action there was in the side games!

Ok, now on to the main topic.

The Poker Blogger Tournament.

I've decided (and if it's ok with everyone) to have it on a thursday night, Nov.16, so that it's right after payday hehe. How's 8pm? Let's start at 8:30 sharp. Weekends seem to be out of the question and of course MWF is reserved for our regular poker nights, so thursday seem to fit in just right.

Buy-in at 1,200? We should get at least 1,000 into the pot so as to make the pot nice and sweet.

I figured our expenses for the dealers and maybe one guy at the bar will be around 3,500 at least. Food we can order nalang, pulutan lang naman. Gamefrog said he'll sponsor about 100 bottles of beer so drinks wont be a problem hehe. 200 a head will cover it naman as long as we have around 20+ to 30 players.

Ok, we'll just use the standard tournament at Skylounge, which has 20-min levels and smooth blind increases, with a 5K starting stack at 50-100 starting blinds. We've seen a lot of quality play with this structure, with the consistent players making the money majority of the time.

Headcount muna: (if i fail to mention you, please say so). I'll also include active members of Pokermanila too. The more the merrier!

Atty. Erick
marco A.
(the guys from 110 poker league, tell us who's gonna represent!)
(Pokermanila guys, give us a headcount too!)

Who else hasnt been included? if you dont see your name here and think you are eligible for the tournament, please be heard!

So there, that's gotten most of the bases covered i guess. I'm going to 100% confirm our venue but it's 99% sure to be in Sky.

So let's get it on!

I'd like to give a shout out to our very own PokerFilipinas guru nickG for getting selected as Poker Blogger of the Month by! Way to go putting the Philippine poker scene on the online map!

Till next time, may the edge be with you.

me and barb are in bro

guys, need to know ASAP if we have enough players coming... or else we wont push through so sayang.

we have to have at least maybe 20 players to make it worth the effort.

I'm OK...

sige im in even though my blog is not published lol!

oops sorry i just realized im out nov. 14-21.

Call ako. But I've never been to the place though, can you give address / directions? Pa PM na lang sa pokermanila. Thanks.

Ok guys, i also just realized i might be out of town on 16, so can we set two dates tentative, thurs 16th OR tuesday 21st?

Basta it's a go for most likely tuesday na (oh erick yan abot ka pa hehe) IF we make the quorum. hope we get word form the others soon!

Mav, better if on thurs so it won't conflict with the tuesday online games...

ok then, if not 16th then the next thursday which is 23rd siguro.

basta priority we get a confirmed player list.

everything is easy to set, but we have to have at least 2 tables for it to be worth the hassle :)

If its on the 23rd, Can 3 players from stoner poker show up?

We got a blog but havent really posted any poker related articles yet. We will soon, were just working on our bankrolls.


I'm in, just let me know when. Ariel

if you have a blog and is somehow involved in the local poker community, then you are welcome to join. But it HAS to be the person who owns or contributes to the blog themselves, because if not, the anybody can join na hehe.

We still want it to have a degree of exclusviity to the local online blog and forum community. :)

look like we're moving to the 23rd na for sure. update you about the final details the next weekend.

yup, i totally understand and agree with the whole exclusivity for bloggers thing.

our blog is at

we are actually a group of 5 friends who own the blog. Each of us contribute to posting.

Its your call tho and we'l totally respect your decision on how many of us you'll allow to play. 3 of us at the most are interested in playing.

Like if ever you decide only one or two of us can play...its all good.


bro, if you have a poker blog, and all of you contribute, then all of you are eligible to play :)

Ok, Sounds great! we'l have one to three players from our blog there.

-Dr. Blunt

november 23rd is good for me...
---the duke... just make sure to finalize the details, and make sure to text just in case i can't read in the blog... cool?

i need a confirmed headcount. just comment here so ill know, if you havent already

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