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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

Same shit, different day

My regular monday game got canceled last night, so i ended up playing at another friend's place in pasig. Great place, great people, cheap beer, great poker. About 3 or 4 new faces joined in on the fun, and new faces are always welcome to join us in a poker table.

After a few hands, i immediately noticed that one was tight, one was a calling station, one was very very passive, and the last one was a loose aggressive player. An hour into the game, and i took advantage of the calling station and also with some very nice hands i quadrupled my stack to 4000. i was feeling pretty good, and the tide seemed to have turned to my favor after the huge downswings i had the previous month. Then it started to get ugly. I hate repeating bad beat stories, but pocket 10s, A-Koff, A-Qoff wiped out 2500 from my stack almost in consecutive hands. It was ugly. i hit the flops hard, but i got beat by the loose aggressive guy who kept raising me and then hitting the draw. My last hand was A-9 suited, hit the flop with 9-3-3, i bet 500 which was about 1/4 of the already big pot (about 5 callers to a 200+ raise, i was last to act pre-flop at the blinds so i called, getting 4-1 on my money) and then got called. i checked the turn, got pushed all in for about 500 more (with a pot of about 3500) so i called, and he showed pocket tens. ugh.

poof. it happened so fast, and then less than an hour later, they all left the table. The guy who took my stack ended up losing it all to another regular player. ouch.

same shit, different day.

Where's this place? How much is the buy?

pasig, they have SnG's na 600 buy-in. one table usually. text kita!

yo fish, you have a house game every friday night, why not use that to bring all of the old crew back together again?

no poker table, self deal? di na no! sayang oras haha

Let me know if you all got a game fridays. I am always up for a nice single table tourney. Ariel

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