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Tuesday, August 15, 2006 

Free Poker!!!

To all the guys who love playing the freerolls online, i found a great site that has their own freeroll tracker so that you know where all the action will be! It's updated daily, so you never have to log on from site to site to check out the schedules.

Not only that, they also offer freeroll tournaments for their members and special freeroll tournaments in different sites using their passwords.

Here are some other things they offer:

Free Poker: no deposit money, just click the links!

Free Poker - Free Bankrolls
Free bankroll? That's right they give away free poker money! Visit their free poker bankrolls page. They also give out $25 bankrolls at various poker rooms to members that contribute in the Poker Forum.

Free Poker - Tournament Stakings
Another way to get free poker money from the site is getting staked in tournaments. They run private play money sit and goes, the winner recieves a staking in a tournament. If you win with the stake you pay back 50% of your winnings keeping the staking fund growing.

Just go check out this link to AJpoker. No bankroll yet? No problemo!

If there's a will there's a way hehe. Good luck to everyone!

ok so i tried all the free poker sites, but it seems that you gotta be north american based (i think) to get the free money. all the guys i asked in the site said they got it instantly after signing up.

but anyway, tak advantage of their free tracker and freeroll leagues just as well.

see you at the tables!

They also have a points system where you can get points for making referals and also just by posting quality topics on the forum. The points can be redeemed by getting items at their store or you can even get money for the points (1000= $10) on Absolute and Stars.

Just my thoughts bro but to everyone playing freerolls, you are not using your time efficiently am afraid. The 2,000 player base is so tough and time consuming and I only play those when the prize money goes up to $50K. for a $200 prize pool or less its not good time management.

Nickg has opened the doors, a small bankroll is enough to take the leap. Come and join the online community!! It's not always easy sailing but things are always better when you are among friends. =)

Interesting concept especially the staking. How do they track your progress in the tourney's they staked you at ? Honesty system lang ba ?


I sometimes join freerolls depending on the prize but yeah gotta agree with you the effort involved in freerolls just to get to the money is staggering. Basically my strategy in big field freerolls is this - I'm one of the "idiots" who go all in every hand and try to double up five to ten times. So either you bust out immediately (and save yourself some time) or get a huge stack which should put you in contention... So far it has worked only once, the good news is that it's very enjoyable to go all in every hand giving everyone a series of bad beats. And in the process managing to irritate the whole table :)

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For a lot of people, it's a place to start. Most still cannot afford to just put in P15,000 or more just for poker, since it could mean rent money or food money, etc.

Not everyone is seriously considering making a career out of online poker, and the freerolls are a way to get people accustomed to online play in a safe risk free environment.

In short, most of the players just wanna have fun without risk.

And, who can resist something that's free? :)

The staking part, i think they have a tournament and then they will stake the winners to a real tournament, something like that.

Agreed bro. But there are micro tournaments that have buy-ins of $1 or less! No entry fees and with 1000 people thats a top prize of close to $300! I'm sure people can afford that!

But great job on this thing. Gives people a way to test the waters before taking the plunge.

When you setting up bro?

There's also the thrill of getting something for nothing hehe. Read the Duke's blog, he's a freeroll whore hehe.

hopefully sept. i can get my bankroll ready. :) i wanna do it right and not just dabble into it. im a bit apprehensive now, i just reformatted my PC and it still has a lot of problems. There's like a million trojans in it!

PM2... AKA THE DUKE! I'm there with getting an account online... I'm putting aside $100 for it, but I'm still surveying which sites are good for my game, and of course the selection of games that will be good for my bankroll... Things I consider --- (1) Lots of easy step (CHEAP PREFERABLY) satellites to big prize pots (not 3 to 4 tournaments more before the last dance types)... So far, I've been successful with FullTilt, but the tables of Bodog are just beckoning... Maybe I'll keep Bodog for the freeroll since they do have a daily $1,000 guaranteed prize pot freeroll... 2000 max entrants, and number 1 gets $220+.... Not bad for a freeroll... If you want to know the details... Reg opens at 6:45AM (Manila Time), and it deals at around 8:45AM (Manila Time)... Hurry though because the slots are filled by 7:30...

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