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Thursday, August 17, 2006 

The Sure-Win Fishbowl Raffle Strategy

Yesterday started off pretty good when i joined the freeroll at Bugsy's Club and went deep at 16th place out of 551 players. Won myself a bunch of points to play with and convert into money once it reaches a certain amount. I couldve gone deeper but missed some big pots when i found myself tightening up too much late into the tounament even though i had a healthy stack due to the fact that all the big stacks were in my table. I love the bugsy's site, where their freerolls average around 600-9r00 players only, with the same prize pools as those at Stars where 10,000 players join! Players ae pretty decent too, once you get past the early stages of all-in festivals.

After that, I and a couple of friends went to the UNO lounge party at Mati in Rockwell. It was OK, nothin much happening, but the important part was the open bar hehe. The highlight of the night was when they picked out the raffle winners and i ended up getting the top prize! The cheapskates at Nokia (everyone thought they were giving away phones accessories or even a phone) gave away a bunch of products like laptop bags, skin care packages, etc. I got a nice little Samsonite clutch bag (the kind used for pesonal items, toiletries, etc) which was worth around P2,000.

I have to give credit to NickG for his "Fishbowl Raffle Sure-Win Strategy" which i used to win the raffle hehe! I swear, it works! Nick has won several prizes using it too, and this time i have a personal testimonial hehe. Nothing can beat "The Edge"!

Ended up watching my brothers gig at Capones then having a little bit of a food trip at Tropical Hut Hamburgers (Classic!)

And that was the end of my somewhat productive day. Till next time!

whats the strategy?? I havent won our corporate raffle in 5 years now! I gotta win this damn year!!!

Now I'm curious... what is the Sure-Win Fishbowl strategy ?

We gotta ask nick first! It's actually very simple. It'll give you a big edge, but not really 100% haha.

Ey whats that fish bowl ... I haven't won a raffle too... Anyway, ok nga ang bugsy now I have a decent bankroll to start off with(35 dollars) that I started with freerolls lol. Once you get like 4-5 dollars try playing 1.50 at the micro ring games just look for a loose table.

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