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Thursday, November 09, 2006 

Playing with the Pros

A few days ago, the day after the PAPT tournament, i got a message from my good friend Alan about taking the Aussie group of Poker pros including Mark Vos, the 22 year old WSOP bracelet holder. Too bad i had to be at the Northside Poker place and couldnt come and party with them. (and they partied hard that night! till 9am!)

Anyway, the next day i got another invite and Alan was actually asking if we could run a little poker game for the group in our place, but time constraints led to the game being held at Alan's awesome pad in The Fort. Of course, i wouldnt pass up the opportunity to watch or even play with these guys, so i went there and had Bryan (hometown champ hehe) come and hang out too. Turns out almost all the regular guys were invited too, and most of the big table players came to take a stab at these young poker pros. I ended up just watching the game ($300 buy-in, 13 player tourny anyone? hehe.) but Bryan, with a WPT championship under his belt, had the privilege of getting staked by a couple of our friend and playing with them! Helps to be The Champ hehe.

The game was practically a turbo game, and Atty. Erick even busted out on the first hand after his A-K ran into K-K. (i dont know who pushed all in but it ended up being his A-K vs, Mark Vos' K-K). The last three guys had one of the locals Lal G. and two of their crew, johnny and harold. It was interesting and fun to watch these guys play. They are actually online pros and have a very different style. Most of the play was pre-flop, with the timing of pushes being a critical part of their play.

Ring game of 200-400 came after and most of the local guys like Franco and this other guy i forgot who won the most money! An amazing hand came wehn there was a raise of 2,000 PF and 4 people called.

Flop of 7-7-5 saw a three-way all-in worth about maybe P120,000!

First guy had A-7, Second guy had 5-5, and yes, Third crazy guy (one of the locals) had 7-5 off! No ace came and he won the whole pot! whew. Another Huge pot of almost 100K was when Franco called a 10,000 PF raise from Kim, the german guy, and saw a flop of A-J-Q. Check-check on the flop then All-in on the turn saw that Franco had K-T and the Kim holding A-J! Six outs for a full house seemed like a monster with a pot like that hehe.

Another funny thing is, these Aussie pros were playing their version of the "blind sattelite" game we are all accustomed to, but they played it with $200 PER HAND! Mark Vos ended up losing more than $2,000 BEFORE the tournament even started! Yikes! Too bad Mischa wasnt there to play with these guys, coz he woulda loved it! haha!

Our side table low stakes cash game had two of the pros including Mark Vos sit down and play crazy hehe. At least i could say i played with the WSOP champ!

It was a great night, and those guys were also quite impressed with the quality of our players, saying they expected the play to be softer and easier. I ended up leaving around 4am but i heard their game lasted well into the day.

I'm now pretty sure, after watching them play, that we can hold our own against the top players in the world! Keep them coming!

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