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Saturday, December 16, 2006 

Rebuy/Add-on Fiesta Insanity!

Yesterday we had the novelty idea of having a low buy-in, Unlimited Rebuy/Add-on Tournament at the Nortshide Place. Due to the small buy-in of 300+30, we had a full house with 55 players trooping over and joining the festivities.

Nothing could have prepared us for what was to come.

From a players point of view, man, it was loads of fun and crazy poker play! But for guy like me who RUN the games, my god, what a nightmare! Running around getting rebuy s and add-ons and all at the same time making sure they pay for it, get their chips, their change, etc. gave me quite a cardio workout! whew!

After the dust settled at the end of the rebuy period on the 4th level and everyone had made their last add-on, the final tally was insane!

55 entries, 116 rebuys, and 50 add-ons!

For a 300 buy-in game, the total pot shot up to P66,300+! Nice fat payout awaited those who would have the endurance to make it to the final table. And what a great final table it was! We had mostly familiar face like NickG, Che, Ariel, Benjo, Aris, skippy, and a few other regulars. Che had the HUGE chip lead mot of the time, having about 250K of the total 750K of chips in play most of the time. Final 4 players saw Aris finishing an amazing 4th place after having less than ONE BLIND on the bubble, and managing to do a J.C. miracle comeback (think 5 loaves of bread and a couple of fishes feeding thousands) when he turned it into 80K in chips! Three way action got a bit intense before, finally at around 5am (yep), with almost equal stacks, they decided to chop the pot for a nice P15,500 payday for each of the warriors. Note that ariel and benjo never even made a rebuy and only had one add-on! Che had maybe 2 rebuyss and one add-on, so not so bad either!

Congratulations to the guys who made it in the money! Till next time... NOT! haha!

That was too crazy. ;)

That was really fun. I'm sure you all will do it again! Totally Lucky! LOL


Oh, something else to add... poker is all luck anyway! No skill involved!


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