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Wednesday, November 22, 2006 

Blogger Tourney Update- sort of bad news

So far i only have these players who have confirmed for tomorrow's blogger tourney.

Me, nick, barb, 11finger, mnlgrind

Pola, (2) stoner poker guys, Ariel, che and jaz(?)

(2-3) guys from 110 poker, JJ the duke...

a lot of players have not confirmed if theyre coming or not.

that's about it. 14 players at best. Worst case scenario is we move it again next week. You see guys i need to get enough players to cover the dealers, staff, etc, and at least something for the house expenses. It has to be worth it for the house to open on an off-day kasi.

It really looks like we should move it again so more players can join too. End of the month, next thursday is 30th if im not mistaken (payday!) might be better.

it's tough organizing these gigs hehe. Cmon guys, let's all participate! Sorry for the inconvenience, i was all psyched to play tomorrow too. I guess we really have to move it.

These are the details:


Buy-in: 1000+200

40 max players

Standard Freezout tournament, no add-on, no rebuy.

5000 starting stack, 50-100 starting blinds, 20 min levels.

reg at 8pm. First deal 9pm.

konti lang naman tayo mga bloggers e... :(

Yeah don't think the population is that big, we probably should have just gone thru with it tom... baka mas konti pa yan next week... Why not increase the buy in a bit to cover the cost ?

dapat isali na yun may mga FRIENDSTER accounts! para masali ako..kung baga, parang "joined as guest" sa FFxii

Sorry guys di kasi ako puwede.. Me and the wife just had a baby kaya tutok muna ako dun. =)

Abot tayo ng 8 or 9-handed two table game kung sasali lahat...

Increasing the buy-in would just discourage most of the players too.

The thing is, we might have to do it somewhere else nalang din para kahit konti lang tayo, ok lang.

and are you guys open to the suggestion of inviting the active forum members of poker manila and manila poker yahoo groups?

Mejo alanganin na talaga tomorrow. im working on maybe doing it in Nick's house (upon his suggestion) and although its on the south end (near roxas blvd), we wont have too much expenses.

ill make a final roll call this week ha. pilitin nyo na sila Marco A, Gamefrog, etc. Pepesmith im sure makakalusot ka naman kahit one night lang hehe!

I'm in. Ariel

Sige I'll see talaga... Pero here's an idea they are having freeroll tourneys in ACF according to 11finger lets just all join that one lol. La kapa kailagan ayusin.

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