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Sunday, November 19, 2006 

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Someone should declare Manny Pacquiao's hands as weapons of mass destruction. His right hand should be called Nagasaki and his left hand Hiroshima.

With a show of force that left the great Aztec warrior Erik Morales shaking his head while sitting on the mat in Round 3 of the fight, Manny proved once again to the world that he's the best of the best. Every punch had murderous intentions behind it.

Poor Morales. He's gonna retire now for sure. Marco Antonio Barrera must be peeing in his pants right now, having flashbacks of HIS knockout in the hands of a Pacman that was then half the fighter he is now.

The 2 million dollar payday isnt so bad either.

Go Manny! Make us proud!

I'll be posting the full details of the Blogger tourny set for this thursday tomorrow.

i need everyone else to confirm!

Better if it stars early like 8pm?

kinda felt like morales just fought for the money and didn't care too much if pacquiao kicked his ass...

Morales was bounded by contract to pay Pacquiao $X dollars for every pound he's overweight. Morales lost around 30 lbs before the fight. He looked like a guy version of nicole richie :(

I have nothing against Manny's determination to win(plus months of intense training) but the fight was TOO easy for manny...

His power makes the difference. Morales CAN take a punch. It wasnt a question of stamina or conditioning. That guy is a future hall of famer! It's the BOMBS that make the difference hehe.

He had to pay $500K for every pound hehe.

11finger, yes i was planning on making it 8pm reg time, 830 start.

cmon guys. so far i only have like a dozen or so confirmed players... i need everyone who's planning to go to tell me so.

so far, it's this thursday na talaga, 830 pm, skylounge. for directions, ill give it thru more private means of communication hehe.

details i promise to post later tonight.

2 to 3 players from 110 poker

^ pa email naman ng details (directions, etc) sa thanks.

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