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Friday, November 17, 2006 

Catching Up

I finally won first yesterday after getting ITM eleventy-billion times and not finishing first. I think it only happens once a year, on November the 17th. Sayang i was saving it for the WPT but it happened in a low buy-in home game hehe.

I got crippled in another tourny when my K-J flopped trips with no draw on the board only to bang into someone with K-Q. My AJ push gets called by QT and hits the Ten. Next to Bubble!
Poker poker poker. I always say i'm tired of it and i could use a break from playing but all you need to say is "Laro Tayo!" and i'm there.

Next saturday, make sure everyone supports the Charity Tournament at the ACF run by our good friends from Assumption, which will benefit the World Vision foundation. I'll most likely play and it's gonna be a reunion of sorts too coz i bet we'll be seeing a lot of the "Old School" guys who will also come to play :)

It's been a while since my last decent post, and it will probably be quite a while before i write something that actually has substance hehe. It's been a pretty crazy couple of months for me, and my family too. All i can say is Philippine Politics suck big time. People will try to destroy you AND your entire family just for some stupid position, and for the big money that comes with it. I guess it's all a part of being involved in the whole thing. It's one sick and disgusting machine that is sucking the life out of this country and will probably lead to the eventual irreversible demise of the good old RP. I honestly can't see anything improving for us in the macro sense as a nation in the next 50, maybe 100 years. So i say find your niche and make a killing at it while you still can! Ok enough of this bullcrap hehe.

Blogger tourny is most likely a go for next Thursday, so PLEASE register here by posting a comment. It will be your official reservation for the tournament. I have to know how many of us will be playing exactly, so do it ASAP! NOW! Bago mag dilim paningin ko! hehe ;)

The past maybe three weeks i've been sleeping early and waking up really early (7am sometimes!) and it's really killing me during the days when i have to be iworking the weekly games. But you DO get to accomplish a lot of things by waking up early, like leveling up in FF12 haha!

Inspite of all the bad beats and suckouts, literally and figuratively, it's great to know that there are still things to look forward to and things that make us want to wake up and keep going. ;)

Last week i raised QQ in early position and got two callers, flop came Q-3-6 or something, and i checked, got the next guy to raise, the next one to re-raise, so i pushed all in and got called by the second guy with a lower set hehe. Or had someone on my left push all in PF only to see wired aces in the hole. ahhh the simple pleasures of this poker life... and, there are BIG things to look forward to for the Poker Scene this coming 2007 too.

It's gonna be a fun year for poker here in The Metro. ;) And all over the RP too!


I'm listening to this classic Dave Matthews song right now. Damn where do people learn to write songs like that! "I watch you there through you window and i stare at you wearing nothing, but you wear it so well..." or "Hike up your skirt a little more... and show your world to me." WTF!? hehe.

"Sweet like candy to my soul, sweet You rock and sweet You roll..." now that's a good line ;)


Instant Update: Played again tonight and won again! Had most of the chips when it was three-handed after the bubble burst when JG turned the ass end of the straight and i got the Higher straight, which I DIDNT SEE till we flipped over! i went all in with what i thought was a busted flush draw!!!

Playing drunk is NOT a good thing hehe!

Don't tell me i have to wait till next year to win again!

me and barb in for thurs, and happy bday, and i couldn't agree more on the rest you said

Did you need to ask? M in.


Most likely I'll be there... can you post the details ?

I'm In!!! :)

2 guys from stoner poker are in.


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